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  • OxyRem Deep Sleep Fat Burner for Men is a 3-in-1 deep sleep, natural growth hormone release and non-stimulant fat burner thermogenic aid. OxyRem is scientifically formulated with effective ingredients combined to synergistically work on various metabolic, endocrine and neural pathways in the body.

    Taken just before bedtime, OxyRem is a fat burning, non-stimulant thermogenic scientifically formulated to promote Rapid Eye Movement (REM) deep sleep, while also curbing appetite and boosting metabolism. Each OxyRem capsule contains Melatonin, GABA and Zinc, to help with reducing symptoms of anxiety whilst regulating the sleep and wake cycles (circadian rhythms) to promote REM deep sleep.

    Not only will you have a deep and restful sleep, but the addition of Chromium, Raspberry Ketones, L-Theanine and Alpha Lipoic Acid will promote blood sugar balance and metabolic activity. 



    - 3-in-1: deep sleep, natural growth hormone release and non-stimulant fat burner
    - Helps regulate sleep, wake cycles (circadian rhythms) and reduce symptoms of anxiety
    - Promotes REM deep sleep for optimal recovery
    - GABA promotes the natural release of 2 specific forms of growth hormones

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