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Sleep Support is formulated to help improve your sleep quality not just tonight, but the next night, and all the nights to follow. Melatonin free, this multivitamin is not for those seeking a crutch to help them limp along while ignoring underlying issues. It’s for those who know that a better quality of life requires time and attention and healing. That being said, Sleep Support combines several clinically studied ingredients that can accelerate time it takes to fall asleep. Without causing drowsiness, or leaving you feeling foggy the next morning -- that’s sleep aids’ territory.

Sleep Support includes GABA and Magnesium to elevate levels of one of our body’s primary sleep-responsible neurotransmitters. Building off that foundation, CBD, Ashwagandha, and L-Theanine forge the perfect alliance to combat stress, and ease you gently into a night of quality sleep. Sleep Support boasts a potent Vitamin B complex to address vitamin B deficiency, which can lead to restlessness and poor sleep. Included in this B-Legion is Riboflavin (aka Vitamin B2). Riboflavin regulates many amino acids, such as L-Tryptophan. You might know L-Tryptophan for its ability to put you into a turkey coma after Thanksgiving dinner (a necessary part of this particular gratitude based holiday, since you’ll need optimal rest before the department store melee tournaments begin at midnight). Sleep Support might not ensure you get the best discount when leaving your gratitude in the past and pummeling someone with a 50% off sign. But what Sleep Support can guarantee is helping you achieve your dreams of...well, actually sleeping long enough to dream would be a nice start, right? Rest easy, we got you.

Sleep Support is for anyone who is tired of being tired. It's for those who are sick of the way society prefers band-aids over solutions. Sleep Support can help you fall asleep faster and improve your quality of sleep the first night you take it. It's not a sleep aid though. It doesn't place a band-aid over the symptoms.

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