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Product Highlights

  • Potent, Yet Safe Hardening Prohormone Compounds
  • Grains of Paradise for Enhanced Fat Metabolism
  • Side-Effect Free, Legal Formulation
If you’re looking to achieve the holy grail of gaining lean muscle mass while
shedding body fat, then Alchemy Labs Shredded is the product for you! Featuring
high potency androgens for maintaining and gaining lean muscle mass while
simultaneously providing a hardening effect, Shredded also features grains of
paradise for enhanced fat loss. Revolutionary, well-thought out science has arrived
in one convenient formula and you’ll love that stacks the deck in your favor to
achieve lean mass, less bodyfat and of course...more gains!

Key Benefits

  • Accelerate Fat Loss
  • Encourage Lean Muscle Retention
  • Increased Strength & Hardness

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