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Protein is needed for numerous bodily processes including repairing muscle tissue and much more for peak athletic performance, so it is not surprising athletes and lifters have a higher demand for daily protein than non-athletes. Without adequate protein... performance is sure to suffer crushing blow!

Have you ever experienced sore muscles after a hard workout? That soreness is the micro tears of the muscle fibers. The muscles have broken down from a challenging workout. When they repair themselves, they become stronger than they were before. Protein synthesis is necessary for this muscle repair. Without proper protein intake, recovery takes much longer and the muscles cannot rebuild as well. Athletes that don't consume enough protein are also more prone to injury because their muscles have not properly recovered before the next workout during periods of high training.

Getting in enough daily protein can prove to be especially challenging for anyone, including athletes, following a strict vegan/plant-based diet, which is why Axe & Sledge developed their premium vegan protein -- Plant Fed!

Plant Fed is a 100% plant-based, vegan certified protein, that combines 2 different protein sources -- Pea Protein Isolate and Brown Rice Protein. This combination delivers a complete amino acid profile, which is pivotal for optimal muscular recovery and performance. Just 1 scoop of Plant Fed delivers 20 grams of ultra high-quality plant-based protein, with only 100 calories per serving, zero sugars, and only 1 gram of carbs! It is also all naturally flavored, sweetened, and colored, with absolutely no artificial ingredients.


* 20 grams of high quality plant-based protein per serving

* Complete Amino acid profile

* Boost muscle recovery

* Easily digested

* No artificial ingredients

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