Bucked Up Himalayan Salt

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BUCKED UP Himalayan Salt naturally delivers an incredible selection of 84 minerals and trace elements. Essential to the body for optimal performance and vitality, the minerals found in Himalayan Salt promote proper hydration and nutrient absorption.

Take BUCKED UP Himalayan Salt for increased performance, endurance, health, vitality.

PDP Himalayan Salt

Long before sinisterly bad science misdiagnosed the obesity epidemic as being caused by sodium, civilizations considered salt prized gems of taste. And more importantly, tools to revitalize lives. They didn’t have the science to support the beliefs back then. But now we do.

Of all the types of salt out there, Himalayan Salt reigns supreme. Mined deep below earth’s surface, the rich mineral content in Himalayan Salt maintains it perfect purity. As a result, you receive the benefits of proper hydration and sodium balance, without any of the negative effects commonly associated with traditional salt.

Himalayan salt boasts a nearly endless supply of positive health benefits, including: boosted energy levels; improved food absorption; promoting vascular, respiratory, and sinus health; aiding muscle cramps; regulating health sleep patterns; and the hydration needed for intense workouts.


  • May boost energy levels
  • Optimal nutrient absorption
  • Promotes vascular, respiratory, sinus health
  • Aids in preventing muscle cramps
  • Maximal hydration and proper sodium balance

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