Cloma Pharma China White (25mg Ephedra)

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  • Extreme, Clean Energy
  • Speeds Fat Loss
  • Controls Appetite
  • Extra Strength Formula

Are you tired of looking online or in magazines and seeing the kind of body you’ve only been able to dream about? Well, the time has come to turn those dreams into reality with China White by Cloma Pharma!

China White is an ultra-strong fat loss supplement containing 25mg of Ephedra extract along with caffeine and other proven ingredients to create a modern-day version of the legendary “ECA Stack”, known to be one of the most potent and effective fat loss combos ever released! China White will give you amazing energy, block those hunger pangs, and increase your metabolism so you burn fat for fuel!

China White 25 Ingredient Highlights

Caffeine– This well-known and very powerful stimulant will increase energy, focus, and alertness while also increasing the use of fat for energy.

Ephedra and White Willow Bark- We combined caffeine with 25mg of Ephedra and White Willow Bark to create the “ECA Stack”: Ephedra, Caffeine, and Aspirin. White Willow Bark is known as “nature’s aspirin” and possesses many of the same benefits.

Methylsynephrine– This relatively new compound is gaining popularity for being an alternative to ephedra. Methylsynephrine activates beta-3 receptors which in turn increases thermogenesis – what is thermogenesis? It’s a process that increases your body's core temperature and forces your body to burn fat calories for energy.

Acacia Rigidula– This compound is actually a tree that originates in Central Mexico and has been shown to contain powerful compounds that help control appetite suppression and stimulate fat burning.

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