Hi Tech | Senna XS Extra Strength

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  • Natural Laxative*
  • Supports Weight Loss*
  • Supports Healthy Elimination*

Senna-XS™ is a purified, extra strength Senna manufactured to high quality standards. Senna-XS is a Natural Vegetable Laxative Ingredient that is a popular herbal remedy that's often used as a laxative, a weight loss aid, and even a detox method. Hi-Tech's Senna-XS supplement packs 25mg of Sennosides per serving and comes with 100 servings per bottle. Senna-XS helps to support waste elimination and promote healthy bowel movements, making it an ideal cleanse for gut health. Due to nutrient-poor modern diets, it's no wonder so many people have experienced feeling bloated and struggling with weight loss.* Senna supports the intestinal system and liver. It encourages intestinal contraction and supports proper waste elimination.*

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