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Our goal was to maximize the synergies and overlap between traditional “pump” products and intra workout products with 3 main categories.

Pump: Features 3D-Pump® for pumps and muscular hydration, ClusterDextrin for carb-based pumps and muscle fuel along with L-Ornithine HCI and Grape Seed Extract. You want a skin splitting muscle pumps and you’d get one along with some fuel for your workout.

Endurance: Features Peak ATPTM to increase muscular power and give your body energy, Senactiv® for cell regeneration and endurance and final Taurine to reduce fatigue. Better workouts come when you get better pumps while being able to exercise longer and more intensely.

Hydration: Features Pink Himalayan Salt for hydration, Potassium Citrate and Magnesium Citrate for electrolytes and better pumps, while utilizing Coconut Water Powder for hydration.

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