Metabolic Nutrition | Crumbly Protein Bar (12 Bars Per Box)

Flavor: SnickerDoodle
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Introducing Metabolic Nutrition's Crumbly Bar, our delicious and nutritious protein bar designed to satisfy your cravings while helping you stick to your fitness goals. Made with premium quality ingredients, this protein bar boasts a delectable taste and satisfying texture that will make you forget you're on a diet. Packed with high-quality whey protein, collagen, and essential amino acids, it helps you keep on track with your diet plan while you enjoy a guilt-free snacking experience!  Enjoy our 4 delicious flavors Chocolate Chip, Lemon Blueberry, Snickerdoodle and Double Chocolate.  Not sure which is your favorite?  We also offer a variety box which includes 3 of each flavor.

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