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Flavor: Blue Raspberry
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Need to get in shape FAST!?!

Whether you are training for a contest, photoshoot, or any other event that your physique needs to look perfect….you need to make sure that every day in the gym is a day closer to achieving your GOALS!!!

Introducing The Ultimate Pre-Workout Designed Specifically for Pre-Contest Preparation!

From the makers of the World’s Strongest and Best Selling Fat Burner, Synedrex, comes the revolutionary New Synedrex Pre-Contest Powder.  Synedrex Pre-Contest by Metabolic Nutrition is unlike any other preworkout in the marketplace.  While other preworkouts focus on giving you energy or muscle pumps…Synedrex Pre-Contest focuses on giving you the intense energy boost you need to bring your workouts to the next level…while also promoting massive acceleration in your metabolism for maximum body recomposition…burning fat while building muscle!

Synedrex Contest Prep Benefits:

  • It is ideal for recomping or preparing for bodybuilding and physique competitions.
  • The preworkout contains 5 blends to support energy, focus, thermogenesis and more.
  • It promotes maximum calorie burning with improved energy, strength and power as well as laser focus and mind:muscle connection.
  • Additionally, it has zero calories, sugar or crash associated with its use.

Synedrex Fat Burning Powder Directions:

Begin with 1 scoop to assess tolerance. Store in a cool dry place after opening. 

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